Water In Georgia - Sinclair Lake

A fish-eating machine - a cormorant update

07/15/2017 - A few years ago, I wrote an article about cormorants and the damage they can do to fisheries due to their appetite for eating fish. Since that article some things have changed regarding the ability of individuals and state agencies to harvest cormorants when they become a problem (source: Union-Recorder)

OUTDOORS: Tangling with big catfish during the summer months

07/08/2017 - Lakes Oconee and Sinclair have excellent populations of catfish. To catch catfish from lakes Oconee and Sinclair anglers need to know where they reside during the summer and need to know the proper techniques and baits to use. If you are looking to catch small catfish from either lake, those small catfish in the 4-inch to 10-inch size can be caught from any lake dock on nightcrawlers or commercial catfish bait. (source: Unior-Recorder)

Ethanol's E-15 bad for small engines

05/18/2017 - The American Sportfishing Association through its Keep America Fishing program has issued a warning to boat owners or anyone who uses any gasoline-powered outdoor equipment ... The problems are that corn oil derivative called ethanol and a federal program called the Renewable Fuel Standard. (source: The Augusta Chronicle)